Used by a large number of complex imitation watches

Now the leading manufacturer of domestic watches is Seagull. Seagull¡¯s self-produced movements account for 1/4 of the world¡¯s movement shipments. Many foreign watches use Seagull movements. From the ultra-low-end ST6, ST16, to the mid-low-end ST25, ST17, ST21, to the mid-end ST40, ST18, ST19, to the top ST80, the price ranges from 3, 400 to 1, 2 million, as long as you want , What do you want. Among them, there are independent and imitation ones. The common ST21 series, imitated from ETA28XX, is the most stable movement of the seagull in the low-end and low-end (also the most commonly used movement in the middle and high-end imitation watches). The author has 3 domestic Small brands of Seagull movement fake watches, ST2130, ST2146, ST1908 each, the worst piece is also stable at about 7 seconds per day, and now I have Seagull ST2146, stable at about 3 seconds per day, 8 months.

Next is Shanghai. Shanghai¡¯s self-produced movements have countless models from low to high. The characteristic of Shanghai is that the low-end and low-end movements R series and 2L series are pure Chinese cores. This is incomparable by Seagull. China's core is either very low-end or very high-end, which is far from ordinary users. However, I personally feel that the management of the Shanghai watch factory after the restructuring is a bit messy, and even the manufacturers are divided into several, so the Shanghai watch that I see now has any movement. Another thing to mention is that Shanghai's imitation ETA7750 movement is also used by a large number of complex imitation watches.

Finally, there are always people who talk about the waterproofness of domestic watches. Indeed, manufacturers such as Seagull and Shanghai seem not to catch water ghosts. However, in the last century, the Dandong factory produced water ghost chronographs for foreign manufacturers. Seagull also produced the Dragon King for the North American market two years ago. I don¡¯t know why the three major factories seem to have no interest in water ghosts, but if you need For diving watches, there are also some domestic manufacturers that specialize in diving watches, such as Tianjin TEDA, which used to produce diving watches for the Navy Equipment Department (now the Navy does not purchase military diving replica watches, but there are gift diving watches).