Due to the use of many mechanical replica watches parts

Since mechanical replica watches use many mechanical parts, they are more susceptible to interference from magnetic fields. Some objects, such as microwave ovens, computer speakers, etc., may cause the watch to be magnetized. The most obvious performance after being magnetized is that the watch goes much faster than usual. Mobile phones are now used very frequently. Although their own magnetism is not very large, if they are in "close contact" with a mechanical watch for a period of time, it is likely that the watch will be magnetized. Of course, compared with water ingress or earthquake, the harm from magnetism is not great, just use a degaussing instrument to demagnetize. The demagnetized watch will return to normal as soon as it runs.

My friend’s Vacheron Constantin was pretty good, and he was very excited, so he made a special trip to Vacheron Constantin to buy a formal watch. Mr. Vacheron Constantin became more like it as he looked at it, and he usually wears it in various business occasions. One weekend, my friend Mr. Yoan went to the beach to swim. Mr. An remembered reading the watch manual replcia Rolex before. This is a 30-meter water-resistant watch. He thought to himself that I can swim less than 2 meters in the sea, and it is more than enough water-resistant to 30 meters, and there will be no problems. In this way, he wore Vacheron Constantin and swam in the sea for a while. Within a few days, he discovered that the watch was "strike".

The so-called water resistance of the watch to 30 meters is tested in the laboratory at a constant temperature and at rest. While wearing the watch to swim, the wrist is always in motion. The situation is much more complicated than in the laboratory. Moreover, the 30-meter waterproof watch is basically There is no screw-in crown. When swimming, it is easy to touch the crown and cause the crown to loosen, causing water to enter the replica watch. Generally speaking, only watches with a water resistance of 100 meters and a screw-in crown can be worn for swimming.

The balance wheel and hairspring are the core components of a mechanical movement, and they are relatively fragile. The violent vibration is enough to break the balance wheel shaft. Unless you are wearing a replica watches that is specially designed for tennis or golf, you must remember to take off the watch when you are playing, so you don't regret it.