The power of mechanical replica watches comes from the spring

The revision of the design drawing again and again, the patient polishing time after time, the careful assembly time after time... The operation under the microscope is not only a test of professional skills, but also a challenge to a good attitude. The world of mechanical clocks always brings us Too many surprises. More and more friends are beginning to be interested in the precision movement of replica watches.

The basic movement of a Vacheron Constantin watch is from the crown to the barrel drum. After the mainspring is wound on the chain, when the mainspring is loosened, the barrel drum will rotate. This rotation will continue through gears one after another. Drive. Turn the gear set first, which includes the minute wheel (plus the hour wheel) and the second wheel, then to the emergency wheel, to the escapement arm, and finally to the balance spring and balance wheel. The whole power transmission is like this, and the basic structure of a watch is like this. Every mechanical watch must be composed of these three basic systems.

These three systems are the power system, transmission system and adjustment system. To give a very simple example, the movement is like a faucet, and the faucet is the escapement adjustment system, which controls the speed of the water flow.

The power of a mechanical replica watches uk comes from the mainspring hairspring, and winding the mainspring hairspring is like filling a kettle with water. Mechanical watches are divided into two types: automatic winding and manual winding. The first one is manual winding, and then there is automatic winding. Speaking of this, let's talk about the next chain. Many friends are not very clear about this concept. Inside the barrel is a long spring made of metal material. The mainspring spring is based on its own expansion and contraction force, and when it is deliberately wound, it will generate a kind of power to loosen and return to its original state. As the spring keeps curling up, the clockwork spring will continue to increase the power reserve until the clockwork spring cannot be wound. This is when the mainspring is fully wound. The clockwork spring can store power because the spring itself has the ability to return to its original state. The tighter the clockwork spring, the more energy can be stored.

The escapement system is needed to release these energy. The entire escapement system is mainly composed of the balance wheel, hairspring, escapement arm and emergency wheel. After the power is released from the mainspring drum, it passes through the transmission gear set (ie the minute wheel, etc.) to the last second wheel. The second wheel will then be connected to the emergency wheel. The sudden fluctuation of the emergency wheel will cause the escapement arm. swing left and right. The left and right swing of the escapement arm will simultaneously wind, unwind and rotate the balance spring. The tightening and loosening of the winding and unwinding chain of the balance spring will simultaneously control the left and right swing of the balance.